Aero Step® XL sensitive, silver-gray

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AERO-Step® XL is particularly suitable for training the nervous system to react quickly, for kinesthetic sensibility, training the reflexes and reactions and for stabilizing the joints. The extremely flexible air filling of AERO-Step® XL makes it react immediately to the slightest change in weight, so that training effects are optimally reached. The advantage of AERO-Step® XL is its diversity: almost all exercises can be done or aided either in standing, sitting, lying or kneeling position. Aero-Step® has dual-chamber air cushions each with one needle valve per chamber, offering very good stability due to the connection plate. Design and use: · AERO-Step® XL with surface knobs offers excellent possibilities for massage and promotes blood circulation. · AERO-Step® XL sensitive is especially suitable for sensitive skin, for long barefoot training and for rehabilitation. Material: high quality Ruton® Packaging: in box, with pump and detailed exercise poster in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish

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